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PopNote Utility

Program Summary

This program continuously monitors the Windows clipboard for certain kinds of information. If it finds a UPS, FedEx, or USPS tracking number or a zip code, phone number, or area code, it will display a note to the user by default. The user can then select to show a web page with more information on the data, such as current tracking information. The program can also be configured to run at system startup or to remain silent when it finds something and only display a notice when a certain customizable key combination is pressed.

Version History
Legal Information

Version History

Aug. 27, 2005 - Version 1.0 released


Here you can download the program. You have several choices: the installer, the zip file containing the binary (the program itself), the zip file containing the source code, or the zip file containing everything.


This is probably the file you want. It greatly simplifies the process of installing the program.
Download the installer.


Download and unzip anywhere. It will create a folder called “PopNote” with a folder called “bin” inside it. The executable is in “bin” along with the helpfile, “help.chm”, and the license that governs the program’s use.
Download the binary.


Download and unzip anywhere. It will create a folder called “PopNote” with a folder called “bin” inside it that contains the help file, “help.chm”, and the license that governs the program’s use. It will also create several folders whose names contain “src”. These folders contain the source code for the program, for the help file, and for the icon. It will also create a file called “compVc.bat” that will compile the program, provided that you have Microsoft’s Visual C++ compiler installed (available for free, see theForger’s tutorial for more information) and your environment variables set up properly. If this is not the case for you, just compile “popnote.rc” and “popnote.cpp” with your compiler and then link them into an executable, being sure to link in the libraries named in compVc.bat on the line starting with “cl”. Also be sure to include the directory where the standard Windows include files are located.
Download the source.


This is just the combination of the binary and source. It includes everything for this program that is available for download.
Download everything.

This program is distributed under the terms of the Enkod Standard License.