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KeyMap - A Joystick Keymapper

Here is my first program that I have written and published. Note that the first time you load the program, it will show a dialog saying that it can’t load a file. This warning can be safely ignored.

Version History
Old Versions

Version History

Apr. 26, 2004 - Version 1.1 released:

  • Near-complete rewrite of program
  • New, more intuitive user interface
  • New icon
  • Support for up to 128 different mappings

Feb. 19, 2004 - Version 1.01b released:

  • Changed company name to Enkod Software
  • Switched to compiled HTML for help file format

Mar. 3, 2003 - Version 1.01 released:

  • Minor code changes
  • Integration of manifest file as a resource

Jan. 7, 2003 - Version 1.0 released


Here you can download the program. You have several choices: the binary zip file (the program itself), the source zip file, the entire set zip file, and the installer.


This makes it easier to install the program. If you don’t know what to pick, this is probably the best.
Download the installer.


Download and unzip anywhere. It will create a folder called “KeyMap” with a folder called “bin” inside it. The executable is in “bin” along with the help file, “help.chm”.
Download the binary.


Download and unzip anywhere. It will create a folder called “KeyMap” with a folder called “bin”, a folder called “src”, and a batch file called “compVc.bat” inside it. The source is in “src” and in “bin” is the help file, “help.chm”. The “compVc.bat” file is the file used to compile the program using Microsoft’s Visual C++ compiler and Microsoft’s resource compiler. To use the batch file, you must have both of these programs’ folders in your PATH environment variable. You must also have your INCLUDE and LIB environment variables set up correctly. Otherwise, compile “keymap.rc” and “keymap.cpp” with your compiler and then link them into an executable.
Download the source.


This is the combination of the above two.
Download everthing.

Old Versions

You can download old versions of this program below.

1.01b: Binary Source Everything
1.01: Binary Source Everything
1.0: Binary Source Everything