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Here you will find the programs that I have written. All of them, with the exception of the Cryptography Pack and tagbrainz, are written using the Microsoft® Windows® API. In other words, they will not work under Unix, Linux, or the Mac OS, although anyone who wants to adapt the source code to make it compatible with these operating systems is welcome to do so.

These programs are sorted according to the license under which they are offered.

GNU General Public License

tagbrainz - FLAC file tagger from MusicBrainz data

Enkod Standard License

KeyMap - A 4 Button Joystick Keymapper Utility
TagEdit - A Generic File Tag Editor
Text Converter - This replaces the now-antiquated WinUnTex program.
Sherlock - This is the new name for the old WinSpy program.
Hyperspace Shadows - This program lets you visualize hypercubes.
Cryptography Pack - This program provides several digital security functions that may come in quite handy. It replaces the now-antiquated XORCrypt and md5sum programs.
PopNote Utility - This program makes it easier to track packages, look up zip codes, and do other numerical lookup tasks.

Enkod Whatever License

WinReg - Set Windows Registered Owner