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On this page I will publish articles of all sorts with valuable information or just my own musings to entertain you, educate you, and maybe provoke thought.

Computer Hardware

Securely Destroy a CD: Do you have any CDs that you’d like to get rid of but can’t because you’re afraid the information on them might fall into the wrong hands? This article takes you step-by-step through a method you can use to destroy the CD and put your mind at ease using things that are easy to find.

Computer Software

If Tag Rules Were Written Like EULAs: The license agreements governing software usage have in recent times grown to be quite unnavigable and unwieldy. In this article I explore the humorous possibility of what it would be like if similarly expressed rules applied elsewhere in life.


Why Zero Does Not Equal One: Sometimes in math training, you might find a purported proof that zero equals one, but it always must contain some error, because of zero did equal one, the universe and everything would fall apart. This article analyzes some simpler “proofs” and also explores what might happen if zero did equal one.