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New tagbrainz Program Released

Posted on Mar 6, 2009 by K. Henriksson:

I have a new program release today, the command-line tagbrainz uility. It allows audio files to be updated with metadata from MusicBrainz. I don’t know if it runs in Windows, but it will run quite happily on a Mac or under Linux. In fact, besides the normal .tar.gz distribution I have also included a Debian .deb package to make it easy to install under Debian or Ubuntu.

Powered by Python

Posted on Aug 19, 2008 by K. Henriksson:

Well, it’s time for my yearly update. I’ve just finished (almost) converting the entire site so that it now runs on the Python language, rather than on PHP, and uses the Google App Engine platform and framework. Themes don’t yet work but I hope to fix that soon.

What does this mean for me? Well, it’s free, so that’s pretty good right there. Plus, I switched to a new hosting provider a while ago and their systems didn’t work with my authentication platform, which meant I couldn’t update the news items on the home page. On the other hand, Google provides its own authentication platform so I don’t have to make my own, and I can once again update the home page. What does it mean for you? Not much I guess, although apparently it means you get a news post.

Site Cleaned Up

Posted on Jun 23, 2007 by K. Henriksson:

I’ve removed some old things from the site that weren’t really contributing anything. I’ve had the forums disabled for a while now because they were unused, and now I’m removing them. The downloads page is also gone now. In addition, all the archived sites are gone from the site, although I’ve kept copies for myself.

Major Site Changes

Posted on Aug 6, 2006 by K. Henriksson:

As you may have noticed, I have made some large site changes. I have not made any changes for almost a year now, I know, but now I have actually quite a few changes. I have added a new theme, the Enkod Modern Theme, which is less colorful, but it seems pleasant, and I have updated a couple old themes. Also, I have changed the way news items are handled and listed; news items now appear with a title. In addition, I have added an articles section with various hopefully helpful items, not just on computers but also on other topics. If you have any feedback you can contact me, but not through the forums because they are unfortunately down due to abuse.

New Program: PopNote

Posted on Aug 27, 2005 by K. Henriksson:

I have another program to announce today, called the PopNote Utility. This program will check the clipboard for package tracking numbers, area codes, zip codes, and phone numbers, and if it finds any, it will let you display a web page with more information. It should be very useful, for example, if you often receive or send packages and want to be able to check on them easily. With the program running, just copy the tracking number to the clipboard, push the “More Info” button, and the program will do the rest. If you don’t want to do anything with the number, you can ignore the window because it’s very unobtrusive, or you can disable it altogether.

Cryptography Pack Bug Fixed

Posted on Jul 11, 2005 by K. Henriksson:

Today I noticed a bug in the crypt program component of the Cryptography Pack. Previously, the program would create a file in C: that would be filled with a few bytes of zeroes. I uploaded new program archives and an installer with a fixed version. This isn’t an official new release or anything; there are no changes to the documentation or web page. This would have been a silent update, but I decided to notify site visitors that this problem has been fixed if it had been bugging anyone.

New Program: Cryptography Pack

Posted on Jun 24, 2005 by K. Henriksson:

After over three months of work (and website inactivity) I have a new program to announce. This next one is the Cryptography Pack and actually consists of two programs. This package allows you to encrypt and decrypt files, as well as compute message digests of files, using some of the most recent algorithms available. It runs from the command line, which may seem like a handicap, but it make the programs more useful for automation. Be sure to check them out sometime. Also, since it is currently my summer vacation, I may be working on programs more and releasing a few more in the coming months.

New Program: Hyperspace Shadows

Posted on Mar 19, 2005 by K. Henriksson:

Just in time for spring break, I’ve released another new program. This one is called Hyperspace Shadows, and it lets you visualize a four-dimensional cube. In order to do this, it adjusts the angle of rotation of the cube and projects the result onto a three- dimensional space. It should be interesting. Also, I’m adding a Donate link to the bottom of each page. If you like the programs here and would like to support the further development of more like them, please donate.

FAQs Updated and Policy Change

Posted on Feb 11, 2005 by K. Henriksson:

I updated the FAQs and changed their name to (In)Frequently Asked Questions, which is more accurate because no one ever asks any questions around here. These are in fact simply questions that I think some people may ask, so I’m posting them. Also, I’m changing my policy of only having installers for the most recent version of programs. From now on, installers for new releases will not overwrite old installers, although I’m afraid I cannot make this policy retroactive. I have actually been overwriting my own copies as well! I’ll try to dig up some old installers, and I’ll see what I can find. On a related note, program downloads will now be hosted on the files.enkod.com subdomain.

Site Rearranged

Posted on Feb 4, 2005 by K. Henriksson:

Somehow I manage to have reorganized the site without getting around to the aforementioned upcoming update. So anyway, I’ve moved the games and media items to a separate site, The Shady Copse, and moved all the links that were on the miscellany page to the links page. Also, I added an Adjust Colors feature that lets you change the color cast of the web site. Feel free to look around and get accustomed to the new setup, and if you have any feedback, post it in the forums.

WinSpy Updated to Sherlock

Posted on Jan 13, 2005 by K. Henriksson:

That first update that I mentioned on the last post is now ready, although I apologize that it took more time than I had anticipated. I posted a new version of the WinSpy program, which I renamed Sherlock because Winspy is in fact a registered trademark of another company. At any rate, this new version has a redone interface and several new features. I hope you enjoy it. As for the other update I mentioned earlier, I just need to get around to finishing it off and then I’ll post it here.

Happy New Year

Posted on Jan 1, 2005 by K. Henriksson:

Happy new year, everyone! I have some updates I’m getting ready for you all, and the first of them should be ready sometime this week. I’m not sure when the other update will be ready, but hopefully it won’t be too long in the coming.

WinUnTex Updated to Text Converter

Posted on Sep 4, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Today, I posted a brand new version of WinUnTex, and actually changed its name to Text Converter to reflect its increased functionality. It should be a big improvement over the last version. In addition, it has a much cleaner and better user interface. On a side note, all future program releases will follow similar formats as this release. They will include the source for the icon, help file, and installer in addition to the program source. The installer will also allow you to choose any or all different source types. For more of what will be included in future releases, just look at and examine the files that come with this program release.

New Movies for Viewing

Posted on Aug 9, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Today I have a new version of the Star Wars Gangsta Rap movie for all of you. I also have added the movie This Land, which pokes fun at the 2004 presidential election. These films came from atomfilms.com and you can find them now on my Media Items page. Both were suggested by an unknown person who mailed me using the Contact Me page. My thanks go to that person. Any site visitors also are welcome to make suggestions if you wish and I will review each suggestion.

Programs Pages Updated and Forums Moved

Posted on Aug 5, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Today I finished updating the programs pages so that they only use one file per program, instead of needing several files. I also moved the forums; they are located on their own subdomain (forums.enkod.com) now.

Home Page Updated

Posted on Jul 5, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

I changed the home page of my website to have a new way of tracking site news. This means only 8 articles will be shown at a time, but you can show all if you wish by using the link at the bottom of the page.

New Default Site Theme

Posted on Jun 9, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

The new site theme is turning out quite well. So well, in fact, that I have made it the new default theme for the site. I hope that you enjoy it also. Use the Set Theme link to change to it (or from it) if you want.

New Theme in Progress

Posted on Jun 7, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

I am now out of school for the summer so I can spend more time on this site. (Yes, I am a student.) I am continuing work on a new theme that I started on a while ago, and you can see it by setting your theme on the Set Theme page. I am not finished with it though so not everything will work right yet.

New Program: md5sum

Posted on May 13, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

I have posted a new program, md5sum, that computes the MD5 message digest of a file (useful to ensure that it has not changed in transit). It is released under the Whatever License, not so much because it is a simple program or because I don’t care about it, but rather because there are several other programs that also calculate the MD5 message digest of files. This one does use less memory, though, making it ideal for systems that need to conserve memory.

Contact Page Updated

Posted on May 5, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

I updated the contact script today to let you preview your email message before you send it to me. You can see the new script at the same location as the old one by clicking the link at the bottom of this page (or the top or side, depending on the theme you’re using).

KeyMap Updated to 1.1

Posted on Apr 26, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Actually, I had this ready yesterday but I didn’t want too many things listed for April 25. After I finished posting version 1.1 of my WinSpy program, I started thinking about the programs I had written and I realized that my KeyMap program was completely awful and long overdue for a change. It had several limitations, including the ability to map only 4 keys and a sad, sad user interface. I set to work fixing it and have now rereleased it as version 1.1. Anyone who is using the old version should upgrade, but you will need to recreate your key mapping preferences. Do not use your old keymap.ini file. For more information on this new version, check out the KeyMap web page.

Forum Repairs Finished

Posted on Apr 25, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Surprisingly, my work on the forum is already finished. It should be working fine now, but if you have any problems, feel free to contact me or post in the new Support forum.

Forum Down for Repairs

Posted on Apr 25, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

The forum may be down at different times over the next few days as I try to work out some problems I’ve been having. However, since the forum is hardly ever used, this hopefully won’t be much of a problem.

WinSpy Updated to 1.1

Posted on Apr 15, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Today I posted version 1.1 of the WinSpy program. This update includes several improvements to the program, including a new icon and more secure programming. For further details, see the program’s webpage.

New Site Theme

Posted on Feb 22, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

I added a new theme to the site based directly on the theme of the original site. It is called the Classic Theme, labeled as, “For the Nostalgic.” Also, I will begin to refer to layouts as themes.

Minor Program Updates

Posted on Feb 19, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Today I released an updated version of each program that I have made so far, denoted by a “b” added to whatever the last version number was. This update is simply a conversion of the help file to compiled HTML format and a change of the company name to Enkod Software. By the way, I forgot to mention earlier that the way to change the layout of the site is to use the “Set Layout” button on the side of the page.

New Site Name and Domain

Posted on Feb 6, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Due to issues that could potentially crop up with my previous site name, GnomeSoft (the name “Gnome” designates a popular window manager for unix/linux), I have moved to a new domain and adopted a trademark that I now claim as my own. With that said, Enkod (pronounced “EN- CODE”, with stress on both syllables) is a trademark of Enkod Software and K. Henriksson. I know this may seem strange, but I am doing this for legal reasons. Besides, the web address is much shorter. Plus, I like the name.

Technology Deployment Complete

Posted on Feb 3, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

I have finished updating all web pages to work with the new layout technology.

New Website Technology

Posted on Jan 24, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

A new website layout technology I have been working on is now on the website. This technology separates content from layout. Many other technologies do this, but I just want a very simple one for my website. It lets you choose your preferred layout, and will save your choice in a cookie nearly indefinitely so it can use your preferred layout whenever you view the site. It currently only works with the main page, but I will be expanding it to work on all pages. I included a new layout designed by The Hot Web, as well as my own very simple layout, the Barebones layout, which uses as few images, fancy styles, or other “fluff” as possible. I hope also to add more layouts in the future.

Happy New Year

Posted on Jan 1, 2004 by K. Henriksson:

Happy new year!

Old Site V2: Site Going Down

Posted on Dec 18, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

The site’s going down soon so say your goodbyes and update your bookmarks to http://www.gnomesoft.net. If you have any objections, comment on this article.

XORCrypt Updated to 1.01

Posted on Dec 17, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I updated XORCrypt, not to add new functionality, but to make it compatible with other operating systems. The source will now compile under any operating system with a standard C++ compiler and the C standard libraries.

Old Site V2: New webpage

Posted on Dec 6, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Check out my new webpage at http://www.gnomesoft.net.

New Program: WinSpy

Posted on Dec 6, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added a new program, WinSpy, to the Programs section. This program gives you access to some Windows features to which you wouldn’t otherwise have access. Check it out. It is covered by the GnomeSoft Standard License.

Site Overhaul

Posted on Nov 15, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Well, here I am once more with yet another, third iteration of my web site. This time, I think it will be here to stay for awhile. Why did I change again? Well, I just felt that the last form of the web site did not give me enough control over the site. You may or may not have noticed, but the site was powered by Postnuke, a content management system which was, to say the least, too complicated for my needs. So, I decided to opt for standard web page design and went looking for a new layout. I found the new layout and here it is. I hope you enjoy!

Old Site V2: New Program Posted

Posted on Oct 21, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

I put up a new program, WinReg. It’s a simple program that lets you change the registered owner of a Windows copy. Find it on my Programs page.

Old Site V2: All Done!

Posted on Sep 17, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

My webpage is now pretty much done and so now this is the new official webpage. My old webpage is still available in the Internal Links category of the Web Links section but it will no longer be updated. Also, if you’re looking for something that was on the old website but is missing on this one, check in the Internal Links section as well, as it may be in there.

Now I just have to migrate from new.gnomebooks.com to www.gnomebooks.com, but I will do that some other time when I have the time. For now, enjoy the new site, and vote in the poll to say what you think about this change.

Old Site V1: New Site Complete

Posted on Sep 17, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

The new site is done and so this is the last update to this site. Any new content will now appear on the main site. I will be going through every page on this site in order to make it all correct as of now but there will be no new content here ever again. I hope this move to the new site is for the best. Vote in the polls to say what you think.

Old Site V2: Public Preview

Posted on Sep 5, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I made the webpage preview available to the anyone without a password. Most things are the same. However, I should note that Miscellaneous Items is now Media Items. Also, the Agent Downloads page is located in the new downloads section. If you were registered in the forum before, login now and you will be able to vote in polls and talk in the forums. Otherwise, you can register now.

Old Site V1: New Website Public

Posted on Sep 5, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

The new website is now open to the public, although it isn’t finished. Also, since the forum on the new website does work and has all the content from the old forum, the link to the forum here will go to the forum on the new site.

Old Site V1: Forum Down Temporarily

Posted on Aug 18, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

As part of the site update process, the forum no longer works. However, when the new site is up, the forum will be back and functional.

Old Site V1: Assorted Fixes

Posted on Aug 10, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

The Sonic page works again. So does the theme saving feature of the theme chooser. Also, I’m planning on making some quite large changes to the site. Stay tuned.

Old Site V1: Forum Back Up

Posted on Aug 6, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

The forum is back up again. Hurrah!

Old Site V1: Forum Is Down

Posted on Aug 5, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Currently, the forum is down as I move to a new webhost. I have backed up everything (Backup at 18:47:40 Aug 5 2003) but it will be unusable for a while.

Old Site V1: TagEdit Updated

Posted on Jul 12, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added an MP3 plugin to the TagEdit program. Note that the plugin only supports ID3 version 1.1. Also, I fixed a bug with the main program that prevented the help button from working properly.

Old Site V1: New TagEdit Program

Posted on Jul 6, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added the TagEdit program to my collection of programs. It provides an interface to file tag editing DLLs. It comes with a MIDI plugin DLL. I am also working on a MP3 plugin DLL.

Old Site V1: XORCrypt Updated

Posted on May 29, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I updated the XORCrypt program and now it draws its random encryption keys from all typable characters, not just letters and numbers. I also made a few typographical changes to the program itself and to the helpfile.

Old Site V1: Forum Added

Posted on Apr 14, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added a forum to my site. Many thanks to the folks at phpBB for making great forum software. If you want to post on my programs or on anything in general, just register and feel free to post. Just be sure not to be vulgar or anything like that. Have fun! You can view the forum here.

Old Site V1: Counter Changed

Posted on Apr 13, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I changed the counter. You probably won’t notice much difference but it will make a difference for me in terms of flexibility.

Old Site V1: KeyMap Updated

Posted on Mar 3, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I updated my KeyMap program. It now has the “keymap.exe.manifest” file integrated into the executable as a resource. You can see the new version here.

Old Site V1: New WinUnTex Program

Posted on Mar 2, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added yet another new program to the programs section. It is called WinUnTex and it is a Windows - Unix Text Converter. You can find it here.

Old Site V1: New XORCrypt Program

Posted on Feb 26, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added a new program to the programs section. It is called XORCrypt and you can view its page here.

Old Site V1: New Programs Section

Posted on Jan 7, 2003 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added a new section - the programs section. It contains one program, KeyMap, that I am releasing today. You can go here to check it out. Also, today I changed the order of the sections.

Old Site V1: Added Mario Movie

Posted on Oct 7, 2002 by K. Henriksson:

Wow, its been a long time since my last update. This one is no biggie; it’s an update to the mario movie, but it is pretty funny. You can find it on my Miscellaneous Items Page or you can go directly to it by clicking here.

Old Site V1: Added Links Page

Posted on Jul 16, 2002 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added a Links Page for my new friend Brandon Stark’s web site. Perhaps I’ll get around to adding some other links some other time.

Old Site V1: Added Flash Movies

Posted on Jul 12, 2002 by K. Henriksson:

Sorry for the lack of updates. I just really didn’t have anything to add. Anyway, today I added two more funny shockwave movies to my Miscellaneous Items Page.

Old Site V1: MS Agent Webpage

Posted on Mar 19, 2002 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added a Microsoft Agent webpage with many official MS Agent files for download.

Old Site V1: Added Miscellaneous Items

Posted on Mar 17, 2002 by K. Henriksson:

Today I added a miscellaneous items page and it contains the various things I have put on my web page. It also has a new picture on it.

Old Site V1: Cookies and Dated Updates

Posted on Mar 14, 2002 by K. Henriksson:

On this update: now all update messages will be dated. Today I added cookies that will store your theme choice and nothing more. They expire in 2010 so in six years your choice will still be saved unless the cookie is erased. Very nice!

Old Site V1: Welcome

Posted on Feb 18, 2002 by K. Henriksson:

Welcome, all. This page has recently been updated! The info that used to appear here is now on my new About Page. The site also has a new look from tables and a special scrollbar. Also, dynamic backgrounds are now available, too! (IE 4.0 and higher required.) Actually, I am adding a ton of special things. Enjoy!